diagnodentDiagnodent is a revolutionary laser that allows us to diagnose and subsequently treat dental decay in its earliest stage. Even very small lesions are detected at the beginning stage, enabling us to protect and preserve the tooth substance.
It is the best of both worlds; stopping the spread of tooth decay at a very early stage, which translates into smaller and shallower fillings, preserving more of the natural tooth.

The DIAGNOdent is a precision laser that directs a concentrated fluorescent beam of light into the groove of a tooth. A healthy tooth will absorb this fluorescent light while a diseased tooth or cavities will reflect the light. The tip of the laser is specially equipped to measure the amount of reflected light from the tooth.

A computer relays the information as an audible pitch and as a number reading. The higher the number or pitch will indicate more decay present in the groove. In most cases, the decay is at the earliest stages and very little tooth structure is lost. This minimally invasive therapy allows adhesive bonded restorations that are not only esthetically beautiful, but healthier for the tooth.

Caries Detection Aid

The DIAGNOdent™ pen will show you where the decay lies. It works quickly and reliably. The laser fluorescence detector within the DIAGNOdent pen is a precise method for identifying fissure caries, proximal caries and periodontitis. 

Sub-surface caries lesions can be extremely difficult to detect using an explorer, and the DIAGNOdent™ offers a perfect adjunct to the diagnostic arsenal. It is especially useful for pit and fissure areas – even when the outer tooth surface seems to be intact. 

Caries Diagnosis – Highlights and Benefits for you

  • Simple diagnosis: Children and adolescents in particular have fissure caries in nearly 80% of all cases which can be detected more easily with DIAGOdent pen.
  • Easy detection of the “iceberg” syndrome: 90 % of caries is within the proximal area – they will be detected with the diagnostic devices DIAGNOdent pen.
  • Simple early detection: Fissure caries, proximal caries and calculus, are detected in good time, resulting in fewer subsequent interventions.
  • Simply more safety: Optimum support for the dentist’s eye and for X-ray images – the DIAGNOdent pen detects infected and affected tissue in almost every case.
  • Simply improved patient loyalty: Thanks to the gentle and safe support of your diagnosis, your patients enjoy returning for treatment and will recommend your practice to others.

How the DIAGNOdent Works

The DIAGNOdent uses laser fluorescence to aid in the detection of caries within the tooth structure. As the incident laser light is dispersed into the site, carious tooth structure will exhibit fluorescence, proportionate to the degree of caries, resulting in elevated scale readings on the display. Clean healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence and will result in very low scale readings on the display.


Consult with your doctor to see if treatment is right for you.


Evaluation of Accuracy of DIAGNOdent in Diagnosis of Primary and Secondary Caries in Comparison to Conventional Methods

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